GUV25403A - Super Plasma UV Air Purifier

The sun that brings us daylight everyday also delivers UVC energy that protects us from germs, bacteria, viruses, and other destructive bioaerosols outdoors.

Installed on your HVAC distribution system, the GUV25403A boast an intensely effective 16 inch 36 watt germicidal H-lamp (UVV16HC). The 36 watt lamp radiates a high output of germ killing ultraviolet light in your duct work, imitating the air purifying intensity of the sun that treats your indoor
The germicidal bandwidth C (UVC) measuring 200 to 280 nanometers is effective at killing germs and bacteria in your home and will significantly reduce the levels of harmful bioaerosols (viruses, fungi, mold, and allergens).

How are Bioaerosols Eliminated?
The high output UVC energy will break down the electron bonds of an organic molecule. This intense energy will penetrate an airborne microorganism causing cellular and genetic damage that either destroys the microorganism or renders it harmless by robbing it with the ability to reproduce.

What is Super Plasma?
Plasma is an excitation of gas by the energy from ultraviolet light. Wavelengths of ultraviolet light measuring 100 to 200 nanometers bandwidth generate highly reactive triatomic molecules. The aggressive ionized gas has the ability to destroy organic contaminants photochemically by the formation of atomic oxygen, molecular singlet oxygen, activated oxygen, and ozonides (O3-). This formation interacts with organic contaminants breaking them down to harmless carbon and water.

How does it work in my Home?
The plasma is produced by its 5 inch pure quartz broad spectrum ultraviolet lamp (UVV5CL). The UVV5CL lamp output is controlled by the patented Oxy-Regulator lamp-in-tube design. The Oxy-Regulator allows you to set the intensity level of oxidation to breakdown airborne gaseous contaminants and eliminate unwanted odors in your home.

Does Lamp Output Intensity Matter?
Ultraviolet lamp output intensity is measured in microwatts per square centimeter at 1 meter (μW/cm²@1 meter) from the lamp. The GeneralAire H-lamp is rated at 180 μW/cm²@1 meter delivering up to 100 times more germicidal output than other brands. The secret to our powerful intensity rating is achieved by combining a high output 36 watt lamp with a multi voltage regulating electronic ballast. Lamp output matters if you want the best performance for your home. If you want the best, then you can depend on GeneralAire Purifiers.


  • 4" x 11.75" x 2.75" (W x H x D)
  • 36 watt, 16 inch Germicidal H-Lamp UVV16HC
  • 180 μW/cm²@1 meter UVC Output Potency
  • 8 watt, 5 inch Super Plasma Lamp UVV5CL
  • 12 μW/cm²@1 meter UVV Lamp Intensity Rating
  • 120 VAC / 240VAC Regulating Electronic Ballast

  • QuartzCoat® Durability
  • Effective Lamp Life 18,000 hours (2 year lamp replacement)
  • Power Cord Disconnect (Appliance Coupler Design)
  • Max 2000 CFM or 4500 SQFT
  • 5 Year Ballast Warranty GAE2 0406 EGD Footnote: The UVV5CL lamp is rated to produce 50 milligrams of O3 at high output and test measures well below F.D.A. regulations of .05 ppm. ®

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The air we breathe in our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. So let GeneralAire provide you with healthier indoor air and “Let the Sunshine In!” with GeneralAire UVC Air Purifiers.

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