Air quality is only a concern outdoors, isn’t it?
Not true! The air inside your home can be even more of a concern to your health and comfort, especially in the winter.

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    Air Quality & UV Tecnology The air we breathe in our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. So let UV Technology provide you with healthier indoor air and “Let the Sunshine In!” . More

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    Super Plasma UV Air Purifier This air treatment is designed to be more effective at significantly reducing unwanted bioaerosols (germs) in your home. Forget about the rest, and decide on the best indoor air quality air purification system.More

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    The VectorFlo® PCO2450 The VectorFlo® PCO2450 (Photocatalytic Oxidation) Air Purifier features the patented VectorFlo® semiconductor designed to deliver a high performance kill rate unmatched by other ultraviolet air treatment brands.More

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    Tersus 2000 The TERSUs2000 and its siste, the TERSUs1200 combine 72 watts of UV-C anti-germicidal, anti-microbial power with the largest PCO surface available and a 5 in deep MERV 13 year long filter for maximum the dirt catching, odor reducing, bioaerosols killing product available. More

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There are many products available to clean and treat the air in your home. Ultraviolet, germicidal, UV-C lamps are the product of choice to remove and decontaminate air borne particles such as mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria , many bioaerosols and odors.

There are several good manufacturers with products available, FreshAire-UV, Dust Free Bio Fighter, Honeywell UV Products, etc. has put together six (6) UV-C Anti-Germicidal products that are designed to fit your specific application. Between the six (6) they offer you a choice of every combination of technology available. The MS24 is a powerful single bulb (36w) unit that is designed to insert easily into the “A” or slant coil of your AC/Heat Pump System, specifically to treat the passing air and provide hard surface decontamination to the inside of your unit. Its sister, the MS24OZ, adds 20% Ozone decontamination for down stream duct disinfection plus the added benefit of whole house odor removal.

This product many times is connected to the fan system to run only when the air is moving and the system is running. The GUV100A83 is like the MS24, except it is designed to be used with a gas furnace and “A” coil system. It is traditionally mounted above the A coil in the ducts. It sits above the coil on the gas furnace and irradiates down for hard surface disinfection as well as treating the supply plenum and passing air flow. It too has a sister, the powerful GUV25403A or Super Plasma Air Purifier.

It offers a second adjustable Super Plasma (ozone) producing lamp for downstream duct decontamination and odor removal. This product is fantastic for homes with pets to remove odors associated with cat boxes and dog fur. There is a relatively new technology called photo catalytic oxidation or PCO. This combines the anti-germicidal effects of UV-C and the powerful odor reducing PCO to clean odors, germs, mildew, and bioaerosols from the air.

The PCO2450 Vector Flow is the duct mounted version and can be mounted above the A coil, or in the return air. The difference between PCO and Ozone is that the ozone travels downsteam with the air flow while the PCO is localized and has no living space or duct intrusion. The Big Sister to the Vector Flow is the TERSUs2000 for larger systems and the TERSUs1200, for 3 tons and smaller systems.

This is the most powerful air cleaner and air cleaning system on the market. It combines 72 watts of UV-C anti-germicidal, and bioaerosol disinfecting power with 10 times the PCO surface of any other product on the market with a once a year 13 MERV 5” filter. You use the Tersus instead of your existing filter and mount it in the return before your Furnace or Air Handler. As you can see, GeneralAire truly has the best and most complete selection of products for your IAQ (indoor air quality) and air cleaning needs.